At the Stone Bell At the Stone Bell At the Stone Bell At the Stone Bell 

At the Stone Bell - Old Town Square 13/605, Old Town

At the Stone Bell

Old Town Square 13/605, Old Town

Tower-like Gothic house with an exceptionally well preserved façade forms an evidence of suprisingly rich Medieval civil architecture. The stone palace – much larger than the current house – used to stand here already in the second half of the 13th century, in the 2nd third of the 1th century it was converted into a luxurious urban residence, probably for King John of Luxemburg and his wife Eliška Premyslide; the emperor-to-be Charles IV was probably born there too. He also lived there again after his return to Bohemia as the Prague Castle was not suitable for living at that point. The importance of this building is also apparent from the presence of the two chapels inside the house. In the 17th and 18th centuries the palace underwent Baroque adaptations and was given a Baroque façade which concealed the Medieval architectural elements; unusually well preserved peak Gothic appearance of the building was only revealed during a renovation of the façade in the 1960’s. Restoration of the original Gothic form followed (1973-87), partly from the original parts, partly from their replicas. Statues of two throned figures and a standing knight were put together from fragments that were discovered, other parts of the decoration, originally polychromed in colour, were found too. Inside the house fresco paintings from the beginning of the 14th century were preserved too. The house sign (stone bell) is original from 1413. At present time concerts and exhibitions take place there (Municipal Gallery of Prague).

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