St. Augustine

St. Augustine was one of the greatest philosophers of the Church, the doctor of the Church and a patron of the Augustinian Order. He was born in today’s Algeria in 354. As a young man, he lived a very prodigal life. Augustine worked as a rhetoric teacher in Rome and Milan where, influenced by the sermons of St. Ambrose, he converted to Christianity. In the year of 387, Augustine was baptized by Ambrose. Four years later, he was ordained and started working with Bishop Valerius in Hippo. In the year of 395, Augutine became a bishop. He spoke against heresy and fought for unconditional obedience to the Roman Church. His theological and philosophical ideas have influenced European philosophy and the teachings of the Church. Augustine died in Hippo Regius, Northern Africa, in 430 during a siege of the city by Vandals. He is a patron of theologists and book printers. His attributes are a bishop vestment, staff, book and quill.


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