Saint Ursula

According to legend, she was the daughter of an English king in the 3rd or 4th century. Accompanied by 11,000 virgins, she embarked on a pilgrimage to Rome and on the return journey she and her companions were massacred by the Huns in Cologne. Various versions of the story spread through Europe after 1106, when piles of human bones were discovered in Cologne and pronounced to be the remains of Saint Ursula and her court. She is the patroness of youth, teachers, pedagogues, sick children and drapers and a bringer of weddings, happy marriages and peaceful death. Her attributes include an arrow, a crown, a boat, a banner with a cross and a lamp; she is frequently portrayed covering her maidens with her cape. The Order of Ursulines, established in 1535, is especially devoted to the upbringing and education of young girls.


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