Saint Philip

One of Jesus’ disciples, Philip was originally a fisherman and disciple of John the Baptist. He plays a relatively important role in the gospels, where he is mentioned on a number of occasions. He was involved in the feeding of the multitude and Philip’s questioning of Jesus during the final hours before his death provides significant support to Christian dogma. Little is known of his later life, although he appears to have preached in Samara and in Asia Minor. According to one legend, he banished from the city of Hierapolis a dragon which was worshipped by pagans in the Temple of Mars; apparently the monster’s stench was so terrible that a number of people died from it. As a result, the enraged population, urged on by the temple priests, crucified Philip upside down after stoning and whipping him. His attributes include a crook with a cross, a cross with two horizontal bars or a cross in the shape of the letter T, a stone, a sword, a book or scroll, a basket of fish or a bowl with a coiled snake. He is the patron saint of hatters, shopkeepers, pastry chefs, tanners and confectioners.


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