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Why was this website produced?
This website is the second in the series of electronic lecture notes prepared for the project Prague - The Unique Mosaic of Arts, co-funded by the European Social Fund, the Czech Republic and the City of Prague budgets. The objective is to offer multi-level sightseeing of Prague so as to contribute to the development and improvement of quality of services in tourism

For whom is this website designed?
The rich visual, textual and index materials are designed, above all, for tour-guides and future tour-guides. The lecture notes are used EDU-ART lecturers during the project courses and, subsequently, for individual studies. The website can be used as a valuable promotional material about significant Prague sights. It will be distributed as a teaching tool to the Czech Centers and other cultural institutions representing the Czech Republic abroad. The website shall also be used in schools administrated by the Prague Municipal Council as a teaching tool on Prague sights and computer training

What does this website offer?
This website represents the richest so far about the Prague Royal Route, It contains vast photographic documentation accompanied and with an extensive textual material; all processed in the Digart system. The contents provide for a basic introduction, as well as detailed studies or searching of index terms of visual arts can use the detailed interactive tour of the Royal Route which includes over one thousand five hundred pictures. The is divided into six localities where the visitor can opt for a tour of selected objects or enjoy the beauty numerous view points including panoramas taken from the Prague towers

Acad. Sculptor Andrej Šumbera - Theme and scenario, structure, supervision, photographs
Ing. Zdeněk Proks - Photographs
Mgr. Marek Chvátal - Texts
MgA. Ing. Martin Frouz - Photographs
Jan Gloc - Photographs


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